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Are You Invested? Hope You Have Some Media And Entertainment Sto

Consumers will have the access to post and repost select 3D content. The prospects of adding content to the fan page will open a new ad base revenue through social media. Advertisers will receive premium banner space and video embeds within the content. This opens a new door for income kim kardashian video ray kim kardashian kris humphries j</a> and potential profits. Facebook offers a one-click share button, which could take any video we offer viral to other friend connections or post over a friends timeline or direct message. The one click share allows the growth of impression over timelines and iPoint has the technology, which would allow the VOD and LIVE video to play unimpeded. <br>Source:

SUPPLEMENTAL INFORMATION RECONCILIATION OF NET INCOME/(LOSS) TO PROPERTY EBITDA (UNAUDITED) Property EBITDA is presented as a supplemental measure of the Company's performance. Property EBITDA is defined as revenues less property operating expenses and is comprised of net income before (i) interest expense, net of interest capitalized and interest income, (ii) provision for income taxes, (iii) depreciation and amortization, (iv) corporate expenses, and (v) certain items that we do not consider indicative of our ongoing operating performance at an operating property level. In evaluating Property EBITDA you should be aware that, in the future, we may incur expenses that are the same or similar to some of the adjustments in this presentation. The presentation of Property EBITDA should not be construed as an inference that future results will be unaffected by unusual or unexpected items. Property EBITDA is a non-GAAP financial measure commonly used in our industry and should not be construed as an alternative to net income as an indicator of operating performance or as an alternative to cash flow provided by operating activities as a measure of liquidity (as determined in accordance with GAAP). Property EBITDA may not be comparable to similarly titled measures reported by other companies within the industry. <br>Source:

So at a minimum, CZR will own 57% of Caesars' acquisition. It's just a matter of who owns the other 43%. Eric Hession Yes. This is just like any other shareholder indicating their interest to own stock. It's just they're such a large shareholder and they kim kardashian dress indicated that to us that we thought we'd disclose it. David Farber Great, okay. <br>Source:

Biz Send this story to a friend Email address of friend (insert comma between multiple addresses): Your email address: Oct 30, 2013, 9:58am PDT Are you invested? Hope you have some media and entertainment stock Email | Twitter If you have your money invested in media stocks, you may have come out ahead in the game in 2013. According to a new study out from Ernst & Young , media and entertainment stocks are expected to outperform other major stock market categories. The report looked at 10 major sectors of the industry, and each are expected to experience a profit margin of 26 percent or better, marginally better than the 24 percent profit margin of the S&P 500 Index. So who are the winners in the category? Surprisingly, the much-maligned cable companies are likely to be the most profitable. <br>Source:

Caesars Entertainment Loss Widens on Atlantic City

in Santa Monica will look after makeover. (CoStar Group Inc. / October 28, 2013) Also By Roger Vincent October 29, 2013, 7:30 a.m. Film and television production firm Deluxe Entertainment Services Group Inc. has agreed to lease a former Santa Monica warehouse that is being converted to office space by landlord Hudson Pacific Properties Inc. Hudson Pacific, which specializes in developing and operating entertainment-related properties including Hollywood movie studios, bought the 63,376-square-foot warehouse at 3401 Exposition Blvd. five months ago, Chief Executive Victor J. <br>Source:,0,5883455.story

Results in other markets outside Nevada also trailed a year earlier, the company said. Caesars sold part of its holding in a Uruguay casino, which also contributed to a 7.1 percent drop in total casino revenue. Caesars was expected to lose $1.28 a share, the average of seven analysts estimates compiled by Bloomberg. Third-quarter revenue fell 0.7 percent to $2.18 billion, missing the $2.24 billion average estimate of analysts. The company said it sold its Claridge Hotel Tower in Atlantic City to TJM Properties Inc., a hotel operator in Clearwater, Florida . Terms werent disclosed. <br>Source:

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Celebrities React Online To Lou Reed's Death

After the negativity of yesterday, lets lighten the tone around here and concentrate on the positive. What actors or actresses do you just LIKE, on a gut level, people you just respond to positively, whether youve met them or not? (And please indicate whether you have met them.) Actually, not just actors or actresses you can also include people in the public eye, though once again, lets TRY to steer clear of politics, or else well just get into the usual boring back and forth. In your choices, dont limit yourself to people who are kim kardashian sekstape free stream alive or that even WERE alive during your lifetime. For example, Ive always just liked John Barrymore. He died in 1942, but I just like the guy. Or Marie Dressler. She has been dead since 1934. Somebody I did meet and like is pictured above Shelley Winters. I interviewed her in 1989. So this is what were looking for the most beloved celebrities of the last 100 years. And thanks to Leba Hertz, my editor who you might know from the old podcast. When I mentioned that I think I accidentally sponsored a three minutes hate yesterday, she suggested this idea. A Three Minutes Love. Or at least Like. Please include your choices in the comments below, along with your reasons, or email me at the above email address. <br>Source:

7 Celebrities who are legitimate designers

Grimes received $2.5 million in contributions from July through September and still had $2 million cash on hand. McConnell raised $2.3 million over the same period, bringing his overall total to $17.7 million. He reported $10 million cash on hand. Both have been working hard to raise money from inside and outside Kentucky. Grimes tapped into her celebrity windfall with help from Jeffrey Katzenberg, the chief Kim Kardashian executive officer of DreamWorks Animation, who hosted a Los Angeles fundraiser for her last month. <br>Source:

Celebrities Swap Bodies Just In Time For Halloween

See more: Engagement Rings Under $5,000 Kim's ring has a more site internet delicate setting-Kanye said he wanted it kim kardashian celebuzz to look like Kim's center stone was "floating on air," so jeweler Lorraine Schwartz designed it with a thin band. This means there's little else competing for the attention of that flawless center stone. Meanwhile, Ciara's ring has a hefty eternity-style band with sizable diamonds set all the way around her finger. Ciara's ring certainly throws more light, but we can't help but wonder if that gorgeous center stone gets lost in the crowd. Both Kanye and Future had active roles in the design of their future brides' rings. Ciara's ring "is a very intricate design which took longer to actually design than it did to produce," says a rep for Avianne & Co (the jeweler who designed Ciara's ring). <br>Source:

Reaction on Twitter was swift on Sunday when news broke that the 71-year-old died of an ailment following a liver transplant earlier this year. Here's a sampling of celebrity tweets: "The news I feared the most, pales in comparison to the lump in my throat and the hollow in my stomach. Two kids have a chance meeting and 47 years later we fight and love the same way losing either one is incomprehensible. No replacement value, no digital or virtual fill ... broken now, for all time. Unlike so many with similar stories - we have the best of our fury laid out on vinyl, for the world to catch a glimpse. The laughs we shared just a few weeks ago, will forever remind me of all that was good between us." Former Velvet Underground bandmate John Cale. <br>Source:

Celebrities Rehab List PHOTOS: Chris Brown, Zac Efron, Lindsay Lohan, Demi Lovato & More

Aaron Carter: The singer entered rehab in 2011 to deal with his addiction to Xanax. (Read our interview with Carter here .) Zac Efron: The former High School Musical star was in rehab for about five months in 2013, according to E! News . Lindsay Lohan:The actress had her sixth stint in rehab in 2013. Farrah Abraham: The Teen Momstar did a short stint a Florida outpatient program for alcohol abuse in 2013. Brooke Mueller: Charlie Sheen's ex-wife was placed in rehab earlier in 2013 for prescription drug abuse. LeAnn Rimes: The singer checked herself into rehab in 2012 to seek help for anxiety and stress. Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino: The reality star checked himself into rehab to deal with a prescription pill problem in 2012. <br>Source:

But looking good in a dress and attending fashion shows does not mean you have the talent to be a real designer. But there site are a handful of female celebrities who have proven that they are real designers and should be respected. 1 Nicole Richie Though the world was introduced to Richie as a lazy socialite who was the sidekick of Paris Hilton, Richie has come such a long way in her career in fashion. She has gone the way of the Olsen twins by really being involved in the design process and steadily expanding. Nicole started The House of Harlow as just an online jewelry site in 2008. She didnt move into clothing until early 2010 with the launch of her Winter Kate line. <br>Source:

27 in Los Angeles, Calif. Celebrity Photos: October 2013 Angelina Jolie took her kids to pick up Halloween supplies in Australia on Oct. 26. Celebrity Photos: October 2013 Paris Hilton dressed up as Miley Cyrus for the Playboy Mansion Halloween party in Los Angeles, Calif., on Oct. 26. Celebrity Photos: October 2013 Kanye West arrived to a business meeting in his black Lamborghini on Oct. <br>Source:

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10 Celebrities Who Cannot Escape Gay Rumors

Stars are stepping out in this Fall's It shoe and putting their own styling spin on the thigh-high, whether it's pairing them with microshorts or wearing them over pants for a more covered-up look. Click through for seven different looks to inspire a full week of dressing. Whats Your Reaction? 0 0 0 0 0 0 We've been eyeing over-the-knee boots for awhile now , and Hollywood's no different. Stars are stepping out in this Fall's It shoe and putting their own styling spin on the thigh-high, whether it's pairing them with microshorts or wearing them over pants for a more covered-up look. <br>Source:

My name is pronounced 'bi,' so when I was asked, 'Are you bi?' I said, 'Yes, I am Bai.' Do you like men? 'Of course!' Do you like women? 'Why yes!' And later I found out what that means and I said, 'Sure, I am bi!' But I think the interpreters and the reporters thought that I didn't know what I was saying because I was so open about it. They were uncomfortable about it. Such a thing is not important for me." Carrie Brownstein This "Portlandia" star and former guitarist and vocalist for Sleater-Kinney is often assumed to identify as gay. <br>Source:

The Economic Outlook Looks Good, Politics Aside By: Irwin M. Stelzer The government re-opened, and there was no default. No surprise. This was the 18th shutdown since 1976, when the current budget procedure was established. The five shutdowns under Jimmy Carter... Presidents at Leisure By: Sonny Bunch Philosophers, war heroes, a movie star: A wide variety of men with an even wider variety of cultural tastes have inhabited the White House over the centuries. <br>Source:

Celebrities Donate Live Experiences To STOMP Out Bullying

Were not saying any of these rumors are true, just that theyre out there. 1.Ryan Seacrest (Photo: Ivan Nikolov/WENN) Im more interested in finding out whether or not Ryan is a robot, but people are mostly just concerned with whether hes gay or not . There have even been rumors that Julianne Hough was just a beard to cover up Ryans relationship with her brother Derek (more on him in a minute). Scandal! Ryan, however, maintains that hes simply metrosexual, although still no word on if he runs on batteries. 2. Hugh Jackman (Photo:Sebastian Gabsch/Future Image/WENN) There are a lot of reasons people think Hugh Jackman is gay, from his penchant for musical theater to his older wife to the fact that their kids are adopted. <br>Source:

It teaches effective solutions on how to respond to all forms of bullying; as well as educating kids and teens in school and online, providing help for those in need and at risk of suicide, raising awareness and offers peer mentoring programs in schools The program offers kids and teens a safe haven and solutions. From information and resources, to a 24/7 HelpChat line for kids and teens who are bullied and at-risk for suicide, a place where kids can share their stories and videos on a Web site, become peer mentors at school, raise awareness and offer students their own way to end this issue with our online Student Participation Toolkit and raise awareness on BLUE SHIRT DAY WORLD DAY OF BULLYING PREVENTION. Ellis also stated: Kids who are intimidated, threatened, or harmed by bullies and cyberbullies often experience low self-esteem and depression. Some kids are so tormented that suicide has become an alternative. It has everyone worried. Not just the kids on its receiving end, but parents and others who dont understand how extreme bullying can get. <br>Source:

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Is "i Hit It First" A Cry For Help? A Grief Counselor Assesses R

By Rob Markman (@RobMarkman) If Ray J 's "I Hit It First" isn't about Kim Kardashian, then it must be about her doppleganger who also made a sex tape and went on then became one of the world's most recognizable reality stars. At least that's what we're led to believe in Ray's brand-new video, which dropped on Monday morning (April 29). Yes, the song may be catchy and sonically perfect for the upcoming summer season, but when it all goes down in the record books, "I Hit It First" will be remembered for its sheer gall, in song and video (which premiered on TMZ ). Here are a few of the key moments from the brave new video. The Kim K. <br>Read more

Kanye West Fires Back At Ray J Over 'I Hit It First' During Performance On Jimmy Fallon (VIDEO) obtained text messages from Mayweather to Princess regarding her seating arrangements at his recent boxing match, gifts, housing arrangements, his fiance Miss Jackson. [PHOTOS] Floyd Mayweather Responds To 50 Cent After Ray J And Girlfriend Princess Diss On Instagram, Is Floyd Clowning Girlfriend Or 50 Cent? A source close to Mayweather's bitter ex claimed that she was misled to think she was his only girlfriend, "Princess Love no longer wanted to be with Floyd Mayweather," the source added, "He lied to her about Miss Jackson and many other things and as his lies started to unravel she realized how much she did not want to be a part of that." <br>Read more

Phases, you go in and out of." Susan would know. She's a best-selling author and New York City-based grief counselor with decades of experience, and someone who has experienced the painful loss of a loved one. When read the lyrics of Ray J's single, she laughed ("That's pretty good!") before noting: "Hes obviously angry at something, and I can tell you as someone who Kim Kardashian Sextape Vivid was deeply in love with someone who died, thats the angriest youll ever be in your life." That anger might be the culmination of a decade's worth of, ahem, interesting behavior from Ray J following the release of the tape. Since 2007, Ray J has starred in two VH1 shows, one dedicated to his finding love (For The Love of Ray J) and the other about life with his more-famous sister (BrandyandRay J: A Family Business). He's dated everyone from video vixens nicknamed "Super Head" (KarrineSteffans) toWhitney Houston, a relationship that caused infighting in both his own family and hers prior to her death (after which, Ray J was supposedly inconsolable). <br>Read more

Farrah Abraham This might be one of the most ridiculous celebrity fights of all time. "Teen Mom" cast member Farrah Abraham didn't think things through when she criticized Kourtney Kardashian on Twitter. "I'm shocked Kourtney Kardashian is pregnant again Did she not learn anything from TEEN MOM? Maybe its a fake pregnancy like kims wedding SAD," she tweeted. Kourtney was understandably confused by the attack and tweeted back, "Why would I have anything to do with Teen Mom? <br>Read more

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The Kanye God Complex

"He wants to boost her confidence and goes out of his way so she doesn't have to ask." He has even volunteered on occasion to be her workout buddy. Last week, he click here! accompanied Kardashian, 32, to a Barry's Bootcamp class in Santa Monica, Calif. PHOTOS: Kim's body evolution "It was super early and grueling workout," an insider told Us of the outing, noting that both stars were "all smiles, showing affection toward each other and being very encouraging." Kardashian has been hard at work in recent weeks getting her pre-baby figure back -- and it looks like it's paying off. In addition to regular workouts, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star is sticking to a strict carb-free diet. <br>Visit:

GREEK GARCIA: Deadheads will want to grab a copy of the latest archival Jerry Garcia Band release, "GarciaLive, Vol. 2," which was recorded at the Greek Theatre in Berkeley on Aug. 5, 1990. The two-disc set is a really nice document of late-era JGB shows. <br>Visit:

15 Kanye West quotes to make you feel better about yourself

His life changed further in 2007, when his mother, Donda, to whom he devoted so many songs and so much of his success, died of heart failure after cosmetic surgery. West's behavior grew increasingly bizarre, from engaging in beefs with photographers to storming out of awards shows when he didn't win, and culminated in an incident at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards when he famously interrupted Taylor Swift during an acceptance speech for Best Female Video. Like many talented artists, West said he was funneling his pain into his music, and despite the various styles he's adopted over the past nine years, religion has been a consistent topic in his personal and content professional life. See also: Kanye West is having a devil of a time convincing critics that he's not a Satan worshiper. <br>Visit:

Kanye West quotes are in perfect in every way, because typically they are completely nonsensical yet somehow hilarious and memorable. So without further ado, in no particular order, here are the best and most hilarious Kanye West quotes of all time. Popular quotes can serve both as a reminder of humility, a source of humor and a catalyst of inspiration. So if popular quotes is what you fancy then be sure to check out past editions of this post here. Wikimedia <br>Visit:

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